Our driving force


 Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of our planet. By making the construction industry more sustainable and helping to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in this area.

Our vision is a sustainable and future-proof construction industry - because building sustainably means building sustainably.

As a non-profit research organisation, we deal with prevention in construction - in our opinion, sustainability in construction can be achieved in particular through sustainable construction. Which can be realised in particular by preventing damage.

our history

 I3Motion gGmbH is a spin-off from the KIT and the further development of the KIT Innovation HUB - a Helmholtz Innovation Lab. As part of the Helmholtz Association-funded Helmholtz Innovation Labs, the KIT Innovation HUB was created. One of the most important goals of this programme was to consolidate the idea described in the project application.

The project objective of the KIT Innoavtion HUB is the continuation in the form of a spin-off - the non-profit I3Motion gGmbH.
This means that I3Motion gGmbH is the planned sequel to the KIT Innovation HUB - Prevention in Construction, not only in terms of the idea, but also in personnel terms.

We have been working on the topic of sustainability in the construction industry not only since the start of the KIT Innovation HUB - a Helmholtz Innovation Lab project.
We are certain that - especially in the infrastructure sector - sustainable construction also means sustainable building. Sustainable construction is only possible through the targeted combination of suitable technical processes, services and products - we refer to this approach as prevention in construction.


Who are we

Thanks to our history, we can draw on an interdisciplinary pool of bright minds who are committed to sustainability in the construction industry.
We can draw on a wide range of expertise, as our partners come from a variety of backgrounds:
Natural sciences, economics, engineering, design, mathematics, communication and so on...

This allows us to use very different, new and innovative approaches in our various projects in order to find unconventional solutions.