what we offer


By combining a high level of practical relevance with an optimal connection to research, we are able to develop scientifically based solutions for our customers to address one of the central problems of our time - the availability of functional, sustainable technical infrastructure.

According to the motto "Building for the long term means building sustainably", we are operating in a working field of enormous social relevance, as the construction industry is facing major changes in the future, triggered by major challenges of our time, such as climate change and resource scarcity.




our Partners


  •  KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    • IFG - Institute for Functional Interfaces - Prof. Christof Wöll
    • KIT Innovation HUB - a Helmholtz Innovation Lab - Prof. Andreas Gerdes
    • TMB - Facility Management in Building Operations - Prof. Kunibert Lennerts
    • KIT Steel and Lightwight Structures - Research Center for Steel, Timber and Masonry | Official Material Testing Institute - Prof. Thomas Ummenhofer

    • ...
  • IONYS AG - Tobias Bürkle ( CEO)
  • City of Kornwestheim
  •   Municipality of Malsch 
  • ... 


Customised problem solutions - development and transfer projects


We see ourselves as problem solvers for the most diverse problems in the construction industry.



We offer specially developed workshop formats on various topics.

 Socrates Workshop: A question is more than an answer

This approach is applied directly in our workshop, because questions set the conditions for the answer. They form the framework within which an answer can be found. If there are no questions, then there are no answers. Based on the Socratic method, in which the aim is to lead the interviewee to gain knowledge independently by asking specific questions, in the Socrates workshop the team itself takes on this role of asking questions in order to recognise and grasp fundamental problems.

Once the fundamental problems have been identified, the resulting roadmap can be used to set up a goal-orientated project in which solutions are developed in the form of strategies, recommendations for action or technical innovations.

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Advice and consulting


We support local municipalities with infrastructure projects right from the start. In the process, we help with the selection of materials and integrate new innovative products, methods and processes into current infrastructure projects.

Education and training

We offer specially developed training programmes for our various partners. For example, we have developed the "Strecke Dich Brücke" (engl. "Stretch yourself, bridge!") training series especially for employees of public administrations, in which various modules with training content are created to cover the specific conditions in cities and municipalities.

We are currently planning special training modules for architects and construction planners on the latest state of the technology in the field of sustainability in the construction.

We are also planning a series of further training courses for lawyers working in the field of construction law on the topics of materials science and the evaluation and assessment of building surveys.


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