Infrastructure and its maintenance in all fields

I3Motion gGmbH, as a spin-off and further development of the KIT Innovation HUB, has gained a wide range of experience in recent years through the development of processes, technologies and concepts designed to help plan, build and maintain infrastructure structures in a more durable and therefore more sustainable way, and can rely on extensive expertise.
The combination of technical measures, concepts and services is summarised under the term "prevention in construction". In particular, we are proud of their flexible applicability, as the methods developed can be used throughout the entire life cycle of a building, and are therefore not limited to new construction alone, but also explicitly in existing buildings.



Infrastructure is much more than traffic routes such as roads, railways or waterways; it also includes energy and water supply and disposal.
It also includes municipal infrastructure, such as administrative buildings, school buildings, kindergartens and public sports facilities, because these buildings serve people's everyday lives and therefore have a direct impact on the quality of life on site. However, the maintenance and serviceability of these buildings repeatedly and increasingly present local authorities with personnel and financial challenges.
The same applies to industrial infrastructure, as it is essential for economic development, since functional and reliable production facilities are a prerequisite for economic efficiency and competitiveness. Components of these complex facilities are reinforced concrete structures such as production halls, collecting basins or loading stations for the transport of raw materials, intermediate products and products.  Only the interaction of these structures ensures a smooth production process.


Research, development, technology transfer and consulting



In our projects, we deal with practical issues relating to materials for infrastructure structures, for example.
The environmental and usage conditions of the individual objects are explicitly taken into account. In doing so, we utilise our network and also consider innovative processes and new products.
Furthermore, we develop property-specific and customised concepts for the prevention of structures. We advise and support, for example, public building owners or industrial partners in the introduction of prevention strategies in practice.


Knowledge transfer and dissemination


Knowledge transfer is an important basis for successful innovation. Consequently, I3Motion gGmbH would like to offer training programmes for students, young scientists and trainees, as well as further training formats for public administrations, planners, building contractors, representatives of politics and building law in the field of prevention in the construction industry.